Infection Control

Dental operatory with the latest dental equipment designed ergonomically to maximize infection control form the core of The Dental Inc.

Cabinetry, designed and fit to minimize cross contamination and to assist in efficient disinfection in all treatment rooms, keeps the instruments clean and sterile.

State of the art scrubbing, pouching and autoclaving systems ensure sterility and allow for rapid healing post treatment following all procedures.

A rigorous and co-ordinated disinfection and sterilisation schedule is instituted post treatment and at regular intervals.

Disposable materials

We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient that is disposed off immediately after the treatment is completed. In addition we use disposable face masks, suction tips and glasses. All local anaesthetic is given from sealed cartridges and needles that are opened in front of you and disposed off immediately after treatment. Dentists and patients mandatorily wear protective glasses during tooth whitening and LASER surgical procedures to prevent any harm to the eyes.