Digital Dentistry

The smallest details are often some of the most important when it comes to diagnosing dental problems. That’s why at The Dental Inc. we utilize high-powered prescription Loupe glasses, advanced intraoral cameras and digital scanners to analyze your teeth and gums for irregularities. When determining the most effective general or cosmetic dentistry treatment for your needs

Digital X-Rays

How do digital x-rays benefit you? Less exposure to radiation, more rapid results, clear and precise views of your teeth and gums, and the list goes on.

For the first time in the 100-year history of dental X-rays (radiography), an extraordinary new technology surpasses the diagnostic abilities of traditional film. It does so with substantially less radiation exposure to you – and to us. This system has truly amazing diagnostic tools, making the image quality simply unmatched.

The digital x-ray system The Dental Inc. allows for the ability to instantly produce the very best possible diagnosis, and it produces up to 90% less radiation. Plus, since digital x-rays are relayed to a computer monitor, we are able to eliminate the use of developing chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Digital x-rays are also more convenient: it is very comfortable to shoot immediate and multiple x rays during root canal treatment, implant insertion and prosthetic procedures so that we can perform imaging oriented procedures more accurately.

Dental Loupes

With dental Loupes, our dentist can magnify his vision of your oral structures simply by looking inside your mouth. These special prescription glasses allow our dentists a 4.8 times magnification to detect the most minute detail.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera enhances the view of areas difficult to see from an ordinary visual inspection. It is designed to capture and magnify images within the mouth and display them on a nearby computer monitor. Our doctors can more clearly see irregularities in close-up and show them to you while explaining the problem. This technique provides you with clearer information and a better understanding of what is going on with your teeth. Intraoral cameras serve to improve your communication with our dentist as he discusses a potential treatment plan to correct any dental issues you may have