Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a growing trend in India – one that gives patients and dentists many reasons to smile. It's a branch of medical tourism that sees patients from foreigncountries travelling to India for quality dental treatment, at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay back home, and without the long waiting lists.

What's more, dental care in India can be combined with a vacation. With low cost airfares and so much to discover in India, it becomes the holiday of a lifetime. Besides, unlike many other more serious medical procedures, dental treatment does not even have to interrupt your holiday and can be built into the schedule.

Whether you want to explore the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or famous sites such as the TajMahal, palaces of Rajasthan or temples of south; go trekking in the Himalayas or sailing in the Sundarbans; relax on the beaches of Goa or venture into the dark forests of Madhya Pradesh, your holiday can be arranged around your dental programme. Trips are easy to arrange and there are many specialist companies who will arrange packages including flights, accommodation and the holiday of a lifetime.

Why The Dental Inc. in Mumbai? The Dental Inc. is located 10km away from the airport.Our proximity to the airport allows us to comfortably accommodate patients during their extended layovers in Mumbai for short procedures as well. Mumbai offers a unique locational advantage. With excellent connectivity to the rest of India, Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city that offers an enchanting blend of the modern and traditional, conservative and the contemporary. Medical professionals in Mumbai are well known for their world-class skills, commitment and care.

From complete smile makeovers to complex procedures, our experts will design a customized treatment plan to thoroughly address all of your dental concerns and surpass all of your desired outcomes.

All of the treatment technology and expertise available for all of our services exceed international standards. We use world-class materials manufactured by global leaders in dental technology that are readily available in every country, at a fraction of the cost. Digital X-rays and email conferencing allow us to follow-up with your local dentist seamlessly.

In Mumbai, The Dental Inc. is your one-stop shop for the complete gamut of dental procedures, right from root canals to advanced smile makeovers, dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation, etc.

At The Dental Inc-Complete Dental Care, we assure you :

  • Highly skilled specialist dentistry spread across all fields of dentistry
  • Strict standards of sterilization are maintained
  • The most advanced techniques are performed using the latest equipment and materials
  • Friendly environment
  • Extra emphasis on patient education and superior dental aesthetics
  • Priority appointment arrangements possible for people with time constraints
  • Competitive fee structure
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Assistance with transport, hotel accommodation, etc What are you waiting for? Fill in our query form now and we will respond with an estimate that outlines the shortest amount of time and most affordable cost for your treatment